Giuseppe Giuranna born in Palermo, Italy in 1966 and went in a school for the deaf in Verona. In 1999 he left Italy for Berlin, Germany. Giuseppe is a great artist of the Theatre world and is one of the pioneers of VV (Vernacular Visual) with Bernard Bragg (USA). Thanks to his acting roles all around the world, he gained a wide and international fame. He leads numerous VV workshops and seminars allowing other deaf artists all around the world to experiment VV. He also fully participate to prestigious theater seminars to ensure the future of deaf culture. Although his Curriculum Vitae is too big to tell it all here, he’ll stay humble and accessible to everyone. Rewarded by numerous festivals and Theatre he will treat us with VV shows. Giuseppe's wife Alexandra Giuranna let him his work around the world with his VV, which made him very known human being. He is very grateful to his wife and they have two sons, Jason and Janos-Calvin Giuranna, who performs VV too. 

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