Vernacular Visual

VV (Vernacular Visual) is a visual technique, "Visual" in fact, and is naturally linked to the deaf culture whose essence is the sight; the adjective "Vernacular" derives instead from the reference to the characteristic spoken of a limited area; similar to a dialect, but even more specific, a "vernacular" in fact. It is a technique used by deaf artists to tell stories in a "cinematic" style: in fact, it allows the artist to stay on a fixed point of the stage and to represent through signs, gestures and facial expressions the different characters and actions that take place on stage. as seen from various camera angles. This combination allows the viewer und to watch the scene narrated just like in front of the screen, focusing on the story (or on the poem) and nin on the signer

made by ACE  Mahbaz

© 2019 by Jason Giuranna